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Don Grosh Custom Guitars was established in 1993 with the singular goal of producing the world's finest custom electric guitars and basses. We achieve this goal by paying careful attention to all aspects of each instrument we build. By utilizing a "Bench Style" building process, as opposed to a production line, we ensure that each and every instrument produced is up to our exacting standards. Our team of highly experienced builders constructs each instrument as a complete cohesive creation.

Electric instruments by their nature have acoustic qualities. After all, what do the pickups pickup? The sound that the instrument produces acoustically! Don Grosh Custom Guitars uses nothing but the finest tone woods available. These precious woods are then seasoned until they are ready to produce tone magic. The materials are then hand selected and "Tap Matched" for each individual instrument to ensure a harmonically rich, dynamic and acoustically alive result. All guitars and basses are hand finished in Nitro Cellulose Lacquer for a deep rich look and to allow for maximum resonance with minimum finish build up.

Don Grosh Custom Guitars utilizes state of the art building techniques, combined with superb attention to detail, to produce these instruments. Our exclusive neck and fretting processes deliver perfect intonation, stunning playability and a neck that feels broken in and friendly. You will not find a finer playing instrument!

All hardware and electronics offered are carefully selected to maintain and enhance the tonal foundation of our instruments. We have worked carefully with the finest pickup builders for the pickups used in our guitars.

Don Grosh Custom Guitars is unmatched in our ability to produce your dream instrument. We offer many custom options and will work carefully to ensure a superb result. Your dealer will assist you in selecting from the many options we offer.

Thank you for your interest in Don Grosh Custom Guitars.


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